Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

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0/5 on May 17, 2016

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  • Universal compatibility and connectivity
  • 7 hours of playtime
  • Voice prompt for phone calls
  • Zippered case for protection


  • Distorted sound with heavy bass beats
  • Drop outs may occur
  • Rubber in ear buds doesn’t hold


An excellent gadget with amazing sound quality for the price it comes for.

An excellent gadget with amazing sound quality for the price it comes for.

The Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones will leave you reveling in the soothing comfort of your favorite music without sweating through your ears. These sweat-proof headphones offer not only a perfect fit for your head but also an excellent musical experience for your senses.

Features of the Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Ergonomic comfort. With their ergonomic design and silicone ear hooks, the Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are ideally suited to rest snugly on your ears without causing you an iota of discomfort. The headphones fit securely, while ensuring a sweat-free experience, thanks to their extra soft and smooth silicone gel surface.
  • Amazing sound quality. What gives these Bluetooth headphones their amazing sound quality is their advanced APTX technology, which allows you to enjoy the music of your choice with deep bass and exceptionally clear treble sound quality. So whatever the kind of music, you can use these headphones to create your own magical moments.
  • Noise reduction technology. Few headphones are equipped with the unique CVC 6.0 technology that ensures minimization of the background noise, to enable you to focus on your favorite piece of music, without distraction.


  • Universal compatibility and connectivity is made possible with the power of Bluetooth V4.1 technology which helps seamlessly sync all your wireless gadgets, from the iPhone to iPad and smart phones, laptops etc. This means you can enjoy hearing your favorite music up to a range of 33 feet.
  • 7 Hours of playtime makes the Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Headset your complete source of entertainment whether you’re out running or at the gym or even cycling or hiking. Battery life is excellent and on full charge, it provides around 7 hours of playtime.
  • Voice prompt for phone calls. This is an important feature that ensures you’ll never miss a phone call while moving around to the beats of music, since it’s equipped with a voice prompt to notify about incoming calls.
  • Zippered Case. Your Bluetooth headphones are provided total safety with the zippered carry case which it comes with this set. The cord management clip is another feature to keep your headset firmly secure.


  • For music with a heavy bass beat, these headphones do tend to distort the sound quality, making the music sound somewhat muffled.
  • Drop outs with the iPhone and iPad have been reported by some customers. So you may need to be prepared for the music to suddenly disappear and then reappear.
  • There are complaints by a few users of the rubber piece being somewhat flimsy and not made to hold long, especially if you’re doing some heavy-duty work like running or exercising.


To use a cliché, it’s definitely a value for money product that does it job quite decently for the price it comes for. It’s solidly constructed, ensuring durability.

The rubber used for the earbuds is soft and lightweight, and perfect for you if you’re the kind who’d rather not go out to exercise than to have the buds dropping out every few minutes.

The integrated microphone with the voice prompt facility makes the Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones keep you well-connected to the outside world, with no chances of your important calls getting missed while you’re busy enjoying some popular beats.

The noise reduction feature works well enough to amplify the music you’re enjoying without external disturbances of any kind.

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