Noontec Airplane Active Noise Cancelling Audiophile Over Ear Headphones

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4.5/5 on June 19, 2016

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72 reviews


  • Over ear headphones
  • High Fidelity and Noise-cancellation duo
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Perfect for airplane passengers
  • Included carrying case
  • Extra audio cable


  • Not cordless
  • Battery powered
  • Some mentions of defective product


The new Noontec noise-cancelling headset is the perfect product for any frequent flyer. This headset is the best option for any traveller who does not have the luxury of charging their electronics

Highlighted Benefits
This pair of Noontec Airplane Active Noise Cancelling Audiophile Over Ear Headphones come with a wide range of benefits.

  • 60+ hour battery
  • Noise-cancellation with high fidelity
  • Stylish white and black designs

Features of Noontec Airplane Active Noise Cancelling Audiophile Over Ear Headphones

Is It Truly Comfortable?
The product description touts 7-8 hours of comfort while wearing these headphones.

Does the Battery Work for Travel Purposes?
The ultra long battery life is perfect for travel. However, when we tried out the headphones we assumed the battery life meant a cordless headphone. Unfortunately, we were incorrect.
If you wish to purchase these headphones be wary that it needs a AAA battery to function. This powers the noise cancelling function of the headsets.
For most airplane passengers, this is the perfect pair of noise-cancelling headsets. It will last the duration of most flights, and will help protect your ears against the harsh noise of a long flight.

Can You Wear It In Public?
These headphones are contemporary. They mirror the most beautiful and intriguing headsets on the market.

High Fidelity Combined With Noise-Cancellation
The audio market is full of high fidelity headphones and noise-cancellation headsets. However, the two have never been combined.
The combination is created by Noontec’s patented SCCB technology and 50mm HD Votrik driver.
The headphones are over ear providing you with the greater hearing protection in comparison to other in-ear headsets.

The Perfect Travelling Companion
Along with the long battery life, these headphones were created as a travel companion. The noise-cancelling headphones include a carrying case and can fold into themselves, providing 50% more space.

The ability to fold these headphones encourages protection during long flights and layovers.

The headphones are compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Over Ear Headphones
In many day-to-day activities, we are surrounded by many sounds that are too loud and can cause damage to our ears. Over-ear headphones are perfect for travel and long periods of use.

Over-ear headphones also improve the quality of noise cancellation without deteriorating audio quality.

High-Fidelity and Noise-Cancellation
This duo is a match made in heaven. Prior to the release of this product, the audio market has been saturated with one of the two types of headphone.

With the Hammo GO, we will see new competitors introduce similar products soon.

Perfect for Travelling Long Distances
Any seasoned traveller understands the need for heavy battery power. This product lives up to the promise of a 60-hour battery life.

With an included carrying case and extra audio cable, this product is manufactured with the customer in mind. Even the most organized person will lose track of certain items, the carrying case helps ensure no component of the product is lost.


Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons as far as we are concerned. The few shortcomings will be improved as technology reaches greater heights.

When reading through various customer experiences, we noticed a trend of receiving defective products. In our experience, we received a top quality set of headphones so we can neither confirm nor deny these incidents.


If you want a top quality pair noise-cancelling headphones for a low price, check out the Noontec Hammo GO. They are built with care and respect.

Whether you are a traveller or a casual listener, these headphones will serve you well. The only qualm we have with these headphones is the lack of a cordless feature.

As time progresses, we are sure these headphones (or headphones like these) will become the industry standard.

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