Sennheiser PXC 450 review 2016 | Best Noise-cancelling headphones

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• NoiseGard Technology
• Easy to control volume
• Duofol Diaphragm
• Works with just one AAA-battery or in “Passive Mode”
• Talk Through Function


• Doesn’t work well in “heavy-vibration” environments
• May pick up other electronic interference
• Muffles


Costing over $200, the PXC 450 are one of the more expensive noise cancelling headphones in the market. They do deliver, however, on both high noise cancellation and audio quality with about $50 cheaper than the premium Bose Quietcomfort 25.

If you listen to music or books on audio on a regular basis and find yourself relatively frustrated with the noise around you interrupting your listening, looking into noise-cancelling headsets could be quite helpful to you. There are several different brands of these headphones available to your perusal. One of the best rated sets on Amazon is Sennheiser PXC 450 Noise-Cancelling Headphones.

These headphones have several great features. We’ll break these features down as well as tell you the different pros and cons of this headset and give you our overall verdict.


• Over-Ear Headphones
• NoiseGard Technology
• Two Audio Adapters (In-Flight Entertainment and 6.3-milimeter/¼-inch)
• Duofol Diaphragm
• Talk Through Function
• Foldable Construction
• Lightweight
• Simple Volume Control
• Can be uses with just one (included) AAA-battery or in Passive Mode
• Cable 4.6-feet
• Connector is 3.5-milimeters
• Frequency Response is 8-28,000 HZ
• Impedance is 150/750 ohms
• Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is 108 dB
• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is less than 0.1%
• Dynamic Transducer Type
• Two Year Limited Warranty

Included in the box:
• Headphones
• Soft Case
• The Two Audio Adapters
• 1-AAA Battery

If you are not happy with these headphones, the manufacture provides a 2-year limited warranty. This warranty protects against any defects related to manufacturing, parts, materials and workmanship under normal and accepted use. Full details of the warranty is provided with the product.


The NoiseGard Technology that id built-in the headphones has the potential to protected your listening to music and sounds from up to 90% of outside noise.

The easy to control volume is an integrated system within the headphones that you can easily use as your listen. Simply turn the dial on the headset and find the volume that best suits your needs.

The Duofol Diaphragm is a patented system that performs a baffle damping within your headset. This allows for outstanding sound to be produced.

The convenience of either using a single AAA battery for your headphones – which can last up to 16-hours – or using the headphones in “passive mode” by just plugging them into your device means you don’t have to worry about ever having to put your headphones down. This makes them especially convenient as headphones for travel.

Also, the talk through function allows you to talk undisturbed while you wear these headphones. You can easily talk with your spouse while wearing the headphones but not have the traffic outside disturb your sound.


Just like with any noise-canceling headsets, there are a few cons to take note of.
It has been noted by several customers that these headphones do not work well in heavily vibrating environments such as small planes/jets or trains.

Other customers noted that the headphones had a tendency to occasionally pick up interference when too close to other electronic devices.

Also, a few customers noted that, though they worked pretty well, the headset was more a muffling device than noise-canceling.


Overall, the Sennheiser PXC 450 headphones are a good choice in noise-cancelling headphones. They have a diverse usefulness; good for sitting around your home to listen with, but also as headphones for traveling.

These noise-cancelling headsets are great for if you are an avid listener who need less outside interference that gets in the way. However, though they’re great for commercial flights or car rides, if you are looking for a device to be used on a small plane or even on a long train ride, these might not be for you as it has been said by several customers that they do not do well in heavily vibrating environments such as that.

The Sennheiser PXC 450 Noise-Cancelling Headphones are a comparable in both quality as well as price to other similar brands of headphones.


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